Looking for a difference between Cadet College & Military College and want to take admission in best cadet college of Pakistan? In our country’s educational arena, cadet colleges are well known for their outstanding results in board exams. The Cadet College Fatah Jang envisages imparting quality education to its cadets on modern and scientific lines. It is not only the best college for the education of your child but also the most reliable source of professional and ethical training for the youngsters. So, if you are confused about where to avail the best education for your child, Cadet College Fateh Jang might be the best solution for you. 



The admission policy of Cadet College Fateh Jang follows a well-designed set of rules and regulations. The admissions are purely on merit basis and students from all over Pakistan are invited to apply for admissions at Cadet College Fateh Jang and gain the experience of being a part of the best Cadet College in Pakistan. The criteria for admission include clearing the entry test and interviews which are held each year for new admissions. Firstly, the admission form needs to be obtained and filled accordingly along with the provision of all the necessary documents at the time of final submission. 

Admission is purely on open-merit system for all the candidates appearing from all parts of the country and abroad. However, the results are kept confidential. The criterion of the Selection Committee cannot be challenged. 

Normally, the last date for submission of forms is by the mid of March and the test is conducted during last week of March.


The academic year is divided into three terms, as under, the cadet college fee structure is according to the acdemic years.


1st Term: April to June 

2nd Term: July to September 

3rd Term: October to December 

4th Term: January to March 


1st Term: April to June 

2nd Term: August to December 

3rd Term: January to March