A quality and result oriented study plan has been observed in order to overcome student deficiencies through weekly and monthly assessments and prepare them to perform better in coming exams.

Weekly Test of every subject is conducted properly for closed assessment and improvement.

Monthly Test is held in the last week of every month to access monthly improvement. Terminal Test is conducted at the end of each term and result is forwarded to the parents, which includes remarks by his subject teacher, HM, Adjutant, Medical Officer, and Principal covering all aspects of their personality, co curricular activities and education.


Record of every test is always available for the discussion with parents of Cadets. Parents of the Cadets are encouraged to discuss the academic position of their ward on every Wednesday from 13:15 to 16:15 hrs.

CCFJ reserve the right not to permit cadets to appear in board exam in case they secure less than 40% marks or fail in more than 1 subject in their send-up exam usually held In December every year.