Cadets are given chance to interact with one another in the environment of competition and sportsman spirit, so that their social adjust ability and leadership qualities are enhanced. Following activities are organized mostly at social nights or during sports periods.

Co-curricular Activities

(i) Quiz Competition

(ii) Speeches, Debates and Declamation contest

(iii) Naat and Qirat Competitions

(iv) Lectures by the guest speakers

(v) Reading and effective writing

(vi) Social Nights/Movie Nights

(vii) Musical Nights

(viii) Singing Competition

(ix) Mushairah

Extra Curricular Activities

(i) Basketball

(ii) Drawing & Poster Making Competition

(iii) Hiking

(iv) Study tours and picnic

(v) Squash Club and Matches

(vi) Long Tennis Matches

(vii) Shooting Club

(viii) Hiking Club

(ix) Swimming

(x) Track & Field

(xi) Volleyball

(xii) Cricket


The cadets are allowed to participate in one or more clubs activities according to their own interests and inclinations. Clubs activities create ingenuity of mind.

Social Nights

On every Friday, second prep is observed as Social Night. Each House celebrates it separately. Students arrange rehearsals for Inter-House Competition. They also arrange cultural and social programme(s) under the supervision of their House Masters / AHMS.