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The primary aim of education is to equip a student to face the challenges of life, considering the multidimensional forms of human existence as well as the impact of modern scientific advances on our lives. Cadet College Fateh Jang...
Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Cadet College Fateh Jang is not only an institution but infact its vision for the future of this country. We look forward to a generation which is not only well educated but is physically and mentally strong enough to meet all challenges that come their way... Read more

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Principal Message

Cadet College Fateh Jang provides conducive environment for the students to study and to learn other healthy activities. We always encourage healthy competition among students. Dedicated teaching staff is available round the clock to guide... Read more


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The Cadet College envisages imparting quality education to its cadets on modern and scientific lines. Our mission is to carve a creed strong and confident enough to shoulder the responsibility of future leadership according to the teachings of Islam and equip him with the most advance and scientific knowledge to be able to face the challenges of modern life.
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قائم شدہ 2001 فتح جنگ میں واحد رجسٹرڈ منظور شدہ کیڈٹ کالج۔
ہماری فتح جنگ میں کوئی اور برانچ یا زیلی شاخ نہیں۔