Upto 100 KW Renewable Solar Energy System Inaugurated by Chairman BOG. CCFJ is committed to address the increasing concerns of sustainability regarding educational institutions across the world. We are trying hard to fulfill the commitments to ensure that economic, environmental, and social solutions are provided to pave the path for a brighter future for upcoming generations.

Our strategic approach is intended to create values for both short-term and long-term change amplifying positive effects and limiting inevitable adverse consequences on society and the climate.

In accordance with the policy, CCFJ has shifted to solar energy. We have ensured that recycled paper products are included in the study materials. We are going towards the reduction of paper usage by creating a patent app. This app will facilitate parents to access information such as circulars, fees, receipts, results and more. We recruit staff and students from all over the country and encourage a diverse environment for positive change. CCFJ believes in embedding the principles of sustainable living and development throughout the whole college.