The Pakistan Army was formed on August 14, 1947, in the midst of a difficult situation. Since independence, the Army has become a highly motivated and modern force that is responsible for defending the ideological and geographic frontiers of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Military Academy was created in October 1947 soon after the establishment of Pakistan. On 25 January 1948, the Pakistan Battalion was established. Its companies are named after prominent figures in Muslim military history, namely Khalid, Tariq, Qasim and Salah al-Din.Two months later, in March 1948, the battalion was awarded the patronage of Quaid-e-Azam, as Colonel-in-Chief, and the most coveted claim was "Quaid-e-Azam's own", while Quaid's health Poor condition prevented him from visiting the PMA, which was inaugurated by Khawaja's then-Governor, Nazim-ud-din on behalf of Quaid-e-Azam, showing the Quaid-e-Azam flag. Since then, every military parade has been honored by the champion company.

The Pakistan Military Academy is proud with loads of its graduates who gallantly fought in the course of the Indo-Pak Wars of 1965 and 1971. Amongst them are the 4 recipients of Nishan-e-Haider, the very best gallantry award, 3 Hilal-e-Jurat, a hundred and 77 Sitara-e-Jurat, except innumerable different gallantry awards. Its alumni have vindicated themselves at each second of trial. They have immensely contributed in sizeable and variation roles starting from countrywide defence to countrywide improvement and from mass remedy to countrywide reconstruction in perilous conditions. PMA has come a protracted manner in view that its inception in 1947. It has grown and extended from level to level. Over the years, there was big contribution in the direction of development of the campus and enrichment of its curriculum. Presently, its centers and curriculum complete cater for all demanding situations and desires for the foreseeable future.

The Pakistan Army provides you with a job and a career path, which is a valuable benefit. The program provides a variety of opportunities to help you build a successful career. Whether you are an FSC graduate or are about to pursue a master's degree in engineering, medicine, information technology, etc., a career awaits you at the Pakistan Military Academy Kakul. As an officer, the Pakistan Army allows you to advance through the ranks and test your abilities; as an engineer or physician, PMA gives you every opportunity to excel in your field. The Army can help you succeed in a variety of careers, and it also provides a sense of accomplishment and growth. The PMA offers you a career that is based on your interests and abilities. PMA Kakul offers you the most modern facilities, a supportive environment, and an unmatched way of life that enables you to reach your full potential.

For more information about how to Join Pak Army 150 or 151 PMA Long Course, check the detailed criteria given below and apply respectively.

The online registration process to Join Pak Army PMA Long Course 151 has been started. Last date to apply for PMA Long Course is 06 November, 2022.
Preliminary Initial test Date is 11 November, 2022 to 11 January, 2023.

Pakistan Army PMA Long Course creates the base of candidates because it consists of the fresh and most suitable candidates among all Pakistan Army men.

Age Requirements for PMA Long Course

1. Intermediate or equal (Age: 17-22 Years Three Months Relaxation).

2. Graduates with four years programs (Age: 17-24 Years No Relaxation).

3. Graduation program (BS/BA/(HON)/BBA BPA), Graduates (2 years Graduation) & serving PN / PAF Personnel. (Age: 17-23 Years Three Months Relaxation).

4. Requirements for Serving Army Soldiers (Age: 17-25 Years No Relaxation) Eligibility

Criteria to Join Pak Army

Following the given eligibility standards to Join Pak Army 150/151 PMA Long Course:

1. Citizens of Pakistan and abode holders of Azad Kashmir / Gilgit-Baltistan can observe for PMA Long Course.

2. Only Male applicants can apply.

3. Height ought to be five’-four″ (162.five cm) and weight as according to frame mass index.

4. Candidates who secure not less than 55% marks in Intermediate (FA/FSC) or equal

5. Graduates can observe who steady 60% marks or above, with 50% marks FA/FSc.

6. Serving Army Soldiers can also apply in the event that they have exceeded FA/FSC or equal with 50% marks.

7. The candidate ought to be Mentally and Physically Fit.

8. The candidate ought to be Medically Fit.

Hope Certificate

Anyone who passed the FSC Part-1 and Advanced Subsidiary exams in 2022-2023-2024 can also apply for a Hope Certificate with a score of 55%, provided it was issued by the head of the institution / college. Candidates who achieve less than 55% on the FSC and less than A-C marks on the Advanced Level are not eligible for admission to the specialist course without FSC, A-Level and equivalent final score cards.

Grades / Certificate Verification

Candidates who do not have transcripts or duplicates/revised grades/transcripts from Matriculation, Intermediate, BA/BSc or BA/BSc courses must have a Certificate of Verification from the Board Secretary/Examination Officer / the university. Candidates with an overall score of 55% applying in Pakistan are eligible for admission without the need for a certificate of equivalency. Candidates with fewer than three A-level Cs or equivalent exams from abroad or Pakistan must provide a certificate of equivalence issued by the Inter Board Chairman Committee.


If a TCC candidate applies to the PMA long course and has undergone an ISSB, they are also considered a repeater applicant regardless of the result.
Repeaters are required to report to the Army Recruitment and Selection Centers (AS&RC) for pre-exams as per prescribed dates.

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Following will be included in the initial test with weights assigned in the module:-

(1) Written/ Intelligence

    • 1.    Verbal Test
    • 2.   Nonverbal Test
    • 3.   General Knowledge

(2) Medical Examination

    •     1.    Initial Medical Checkups
    •     2.    Diabetes
    •     3.    Cholesterol Level
    •     4.    Eyesight
    •     5.    Blood Pressure

(3) Physical Test

    •     1.    Run Test
    •     2.    Pushups
    •     3.    Pullups
    •     4.    Crunches
    •     5.    Ditch

(4) Interview by National Security and War Course (NSWC) Brigadier

    •     1.    Confidence and Expression
    •     2.    Knowledge about Current Affairs
    •     3.    Knowledge about Geo and Pakistan Studies
    •     4.    Overall Outlook
    •     5.    Extracurricular activities including Sports and Hobbies
    •     6.    Any other aspect as assumed suitable by the Panel

Registration Process

Registration is a two-step process. Enroll online or visit your nearest Army Recruitment and Selection Center (AS&RCs).
Once you have completed the registration process, you will be informed of the schedule for the next entrance test that will be held at your chosen AS&RC.

Introductory test

The introductory test includes verbal, non-verbal and general knowledge components. Once you pass the test, you will be prompted for a physical exam.

Physical Test


1.6 Km in 8 Minutes

3 Marks

Pull Ups

3 Repetitions in 2 Minutes

2 Marks

Push Ups

15 Repetitions in 2 Minutes

2 Marks


20 Repetitions in 2 Minutes

2 Marks

Ditch Crossing

7.4 Feet

1 Mark

Medical Examinations

Candidates go through the first medical examinations. If you pass the exam, you will receive an ISSB form.

Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB)

Successful candidates take an ISSB test in which they are mentally and physically assessed over 5 days.

Medical Examination

It is the final selection process for candidates who are taking the medical examinations.

Candidates will be interviewed by a National Security and Warfare Course qualified Brigadier (possibly Major) at their chosen AS&RC.  Each candidate receives points out of 20 points.

The following guidelines are provided for conducting interviews:

1. Confidence and Expression.
2. A good understanding of the present is necessary.
3. Good understanding of geo and Pakistan studies.

Final Overview.

1.  Active extracurricular activities, including hobbies and sports.
2. Other matters the Panel considers relevant.

In the final selection, the candidate will be selected based on their performance and merit at General Headquarters (GHQ). Candidates will be notified of their selection by email after 5 days.

How to Apply for PMA Long Course?

To Join Pak Army PMA Long Course 151, you need to register yourself online. Last Date to Apply is 06 November, 2022.

The official link to apply is given below:


Purpose of Cadet College in Pakistan:

The mission of Cadet College's  opens up a belief strong and confident enough to take responsibility for future leadership according to Islamic teachings and gives him state-of-the-art scientific knowledge to face the challenges of modern life. It is to wear it. Cadet Colleges offers Inter, a wide range of young students with socio-economic and linguistic backgrounds.It is specially designed to pass the strict physical, educational, psychological and behavioral standards (ISSB) of the Services Selection Board. This is in stark contrast to the purpose of regular camp schools, which aim to educate children in traditional ways.The Fateh Jang Cadet College system is designed in such a way that it will not only help cadets achieve academic excellence, but also instill in them a sense of discipline that will be extremely beneficial to hell Classifications for any profession, including the military. like Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy & Govt Offices with ease and comfort.

The Cadet College near Islamabad and Rawalpindi in Punjab, Pakistan has announced that it is accepting applications for the upcoming academic year. Please Enrol Now! to have access to our services. Can you recommend a good cadet college in Islamabad? The Fee structure of Cadet College includes a variety of different charges. Some of these charges are mandatory, while others are optional. The fee structure is tailored to meet the needs of each student. The Cadet College plans to provide top-quality education to its cadets with modern and scientific methods.